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Bejávioral was founded in August 2019, it brings together behavioral scientists across universities in Barcelona, including ESADE, IESE and Pompeu Fabra.

BDRM (June 16th to 18th, 2020)
ESADE Business School will host the 2020 Behavioral Decision Research and Management conference, in Barcelona, Spain. Tuesday June 16th – Thursday June 18th.
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EADM  Summer School (July 8th-15th)
The European Association for Decision Making will host its summer school in Barcelona in July 2020.
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Behavioral Science PhD group in Barcelona (“misbehaviors BCN”)
A group of PhD students from multiple local universities gets together monthly. Check them out.

Faculty participating in Bejávioral.

Uri Simonsohn
ESADE - Behavioral Science
pesonal page
Johannes Müller-Trede
IESE - Decision Sciences
Personal page
Isabelle Engeler
IESE - Marketing
pesonal page
Kate Barasz
ESADE - Marketing
Personal website
Ioannis Evangelidis
ESADE - Marketing
Personal page
Mikhail Spektor
UPF - Psychology
Personal page
Sebastian Hafenbrädl
IESE - Managing People in Organizations
Personal page
Namrata Goyal
ESADE - People Management and Organisation
Robin Hogarth
Pompeu Fabra - Behavioral Science
personal page
Elena Reutskaja
IESE - Marketing
Pedro Rey
ESADE - Economics
personal webpage
Jordi Quoidbach
ESADE - People Management and Organisation
pesonal page