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Bejávioral was founded in August 2019, it brings together behavioral scientists across universities in Barcelona, including ESADE, IESE and Pompeu Fabra.

Faculty participating in Bejávioral.

Uri Simonsohn
ESADE - Behavioral Science
pesonal page
Johannes Müller-Trede
IESE - Decision Sciences
Personal page
Ioannis Evangelidis
ESADE - Marketing
Personal page
Sebastian Hafenbrädl
IESE - Managing People in Organizations
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Namrata Goyal
ESADE - People Management and Organisation
Elena Reutskaja
IESE - Marketing
Pedro Rey
ESADE - Economics
personal webpage
Jordi Quoidbach
ESADE - People Mgmt and Org
pesonal page
Maya Rossignac-Milon
IESE - Mng People in Org
Claire Linares
IESE - Marketing
Daniel Banki
UPF Econ - PhD Student
Verena Schoenmuller
ESADE - Marketing (quant)
Dani Navarro
UPF - Economics